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possibility of a civil war in ukraine and that borders russia. towns were overrun by armed separatists who believe those towns should be russians. this is happening not on the border but more than 150 miles into ukraine. it's after midnight in ukraine now. government leaders are promising that active military operations will continue when the sun comes up. dozens of civilians and separatists have been killed in the fighting so far and people who live in the region are being told to stay in their homes for safety. as i said a minute ago a team of military monitors from the osce was taken hostage more than a week ago but they are now free. they were held against their will by ukrainian separatists who are trying to take over their cities and their towns. on the phone with me now is michael bossercue. a spokesman for the organization of safety and cooperation in europe. thank you for joining us. the condition of your colleagues who were released today, were any of them hurt? >> hi don. thank you for asking. of course, we are delighted that they are free and they are fine. they are actually on
and requests from southern, from people requesting significance. russia says it needs russian language speakers all across ukraine if it feels tear interests are threatened. of course, russia has this is a risk of the ukrainian military. russia has tens of thousands of troops positioned in key areas on the other side of the border in western russia. at any moment, should they give them the moment to invade, they could do that. at the moment no such order has been given. the kremlin is saying they don't know what to do. they're trying to assess what their next move will be. there has been a conversation between john kerry and his counterparts here. he is calling on secretary of state kerry to do everything to do to stop that military infiltration in western ukraine. >> thanks very much. all right, back in this country hollywood has the oscars. tonight the washington correspondence dinner. plus, flight 370 will look different. what that will likely involve in this next phase next. [ hypnotist ] you are feeling satisfied . o a u.s. military tells the bluefin drone looking for flight 370 will be us
people were hurt yesterday. russia's president vladimir putin is blaming the surge in violence on ukraine and the west as well. it's putting new pressure on the white house to find a way to force russia to withdraw. nbc's kristen welker is live for us at the white house with more this afternoon. kristen, first of all, what are president obama's options here? >> well, he doesn't have a whole lot of options, craig. the president has been quite clear that a military option is off the table. so right now the u.s. and its european partners are focusing on sanctions. they have so far implemented several rounds of sanctions, which have largely been targeted at individuals. on friday, president obama met with german chancellor angela merkel here at the white house, and the two made a pretty big announcement, which is that they had agreed to move forward with sectorial sanctions, if the crisis in ukraine worsens after the may 25th election. so i don't anticipate that we'll see any new sanctions prior to that. then a final decision will be based on what is actually happening in ukraine. this is sig
there they discussed the crisis. >> we're united in our determination to impose costs on russia for actions. as they move to restore order in eastern ukraine, it is obvious to the world these russianbacked groups are not peaceful protesters. they're heavily armed militants who are receiving support from russia. >> our guest is a fellow at the george washington university institute for public diplomacy and global communication. always good to get your perspective. punishing russia, is it going to be financial? is it the president at some point, do you see any indication he's going to be willing to go farther than just financial sanction, waver that may be? >> well, there are limited tools here. putin habs the strongest cards to play in this particular crisis. what happens in ukraine is far more important to russia and to europe than it is, you know, to the united states. the president has been able to inflick some costs on putin. the markets have inflicted some costs on russia. obviously, first and foremost, up to vladimir putin how far this goes. >> you wrote that angela merkel, chancellor
, new and deadly battles in ukraine and the u.s. delivers another warning to russia. a live report ahead. >>> the woman at the center of the donald sterling debacle now says he is not a racist. the role she's playing in his life today. >>> what led to one woman's gutt feeling that in the end prevented a teen's potential gun mele and massacre. the backstory behind her 911 call. >>> it's called the most exciting two minutes in sports. the kentucky derby. dylan dreyer reports on america's biggest horse race set to run in just hours. >>> and good morning, everyone. welcome to weekends with alex bit. witt. i'm richard lui. the deadliest day in months in the ukraine. at least 42 are dead as protests broke out. pro russian separatists and government supporters clashed in the streets and threw firebombs and stones as riot police attempted to suppress the flairup. in a statement this morning a spokesman for russian president vladimir putin claimed that the new government in kiev was a direct participant in the violence in odessa. there was some good news today that pro russian separatists have re
. >>> developing now, new and deadly battles in ukraine and the u.s. delivers another warning to russia. a live report ahead. >>> the woman at the center of the donald sterling debacle now says he is not a racist. the role she's playing in his life today. >>> what led to one woman's gutt feeling that in the end prevented a teen's potential gun mele and massacre. the backstory behind her 911 call. >>> it's called the most exciting two minutes in sports. the kentucky derby. dylan dreyer reports on america's biggest horse race set to run in just hours.
point for the next round of sanctions against russia for this crisis ongoing in ukraine. until now, president obama has set the bar at a russian invasion for ukraine here. but after meeting today with german chancellor angela merkel, he moved it up a tad because the president here is hanging on to a possibility of a diplomatic resolution. and angela merkel agreed with that. although he punctuated that with a very big "but" today. president obama speaking at a news conference with the german chancellor a little more than an hour ago. >> but as angela merkel said, if, in fact, we see the disruptions and destabilization continuing so severely that it impedes elections on may 25th, we will not have a choice but to move forward with additional more severe sanctions. and the consultations have been taking place over the course of the last several weeks about what exactly those would look like and would apply to a range of sectors. the goal is not to punish russia, the goal is to give them an incentive to choose the better course, and that is to resolve these issues diplomatically. and i
stiffer sanctions, sanctions on the various sectors of russia's economy, the mining sector and believes that would have a bigger bite than sanctions implemented so far which largely target individuals. russia has been hesitant to move forward with stiffer sanctions because they are far more dependent on russia for things like oil than the united states is. so that is where the divide comes in. president obama has said he doesn't want to move forward without his european allies because he wants to present a united front to russia. the u.s. calculation being that that is far stronger than if the u.s. were to move forward unilaterally with those sectoral sanctions but germany is the linchpin here. so president obama will be trying to do some arm twisting. as you say, another issue that might come up the nsa, the two leaders could discuss the fact that german chancellor merkel was quite upset by the revelations that her cell phone had been happened. but the issue of ukraine will overshadow all of the other issues. >> and jean cummings, you've covered economics in the business world for so m
, and we will have that for you life and the topic should be the tougher sanctions of russia and the eu role there. >>> and meanwhile, there was a major offensive launched today to take back one of ten cities in eastern ukraine that had been seized by russian militants. and gun fire and explosions could be heard. you are seeing that now. and the government said that the militants shot down two of the helicopters killing two of the crew. the militants say that one of the men was killed. and in a response, spokesman for vladimir putin said that all hopes of a government settlement had been destroyed because of this. and this is all unfolding. we are joined by white house correspondent pete alexander, and also the correspondent to the white house for special affairs peter hollis. and peter, let me start with you, in getting the european i union to agree to stronger sanctions in rush sharks and is that what president obama is going to be pushing for the meetings with angela merkel today? >> well, she got here a while ago and i saw the motorcade arriving here, and they will have a private
for some time now and one of the most crucial items on the agenda, the crisis in the ukraine. >> for russia, they're saying all hope is lost for a diplomatic deal and calling for a meeting of the u.n. security counsel. that is scheduled for noon today. launched a counterassault to dislodge pro russian separatists. now, ukraine says it's holding four suspects. >> and there are hundreds of u.s. troops now deployed to certain countries in that region on stand by in poland. also, the baltics, so the u.s. is a key interest here and watchful eye on what's going on. let's duoto washington where wolf blitzer and the political team are waiting for this news conference. wolf? >> this is cnn breaking news. >> thanks very much. we are following very important news. we're standing by for a major news conference. we're looking at live pictures from the rose garden just outside the oval office. the president of the united states has been meeting inside with angela merkel. they're about to speak. the president will make an opening statement, followed by angela merkel, then they will open it up to questions
postured now what to put on the table and how to try to coax russia back with the on ramp that gets it back into the civil, the world of civilized nations, and merkel is resonant to look at that economy. >> well, germany gets a third of the natural gas from rush sharks and 350,000 german workers depend on russian trade, and the difficu difficulty is that what are the chances that the europeans and the german s wis will make the ongoing sectorial sanctions? >> well, the dilemma is that the white house is going to make the going after putin and the cronies and the institutions with them to affect the course of the nation that i think that is, it is in the midst of a natural greatness campaign and wanting to feel a restoration of the pride and dignify in the world, and if you want to sanction the individuals, that is not going to necessarily give you the correction of the courses, and it is sort of like if you have the u.s. trying to sanction david koch and george soro soros, and hoping that the united states would go a different direction and many people have said that unless the sanctions ar
. >> and that puts chancellor merk merkelle in a tough spot as she goes to the russia to visit with pew tipp. she speaks russian, and he speaks german, so they will have no confusion. her visit may have a key role in what happens next in ukraine. and dan coats, senator from indiana is joining me now, and i know that you had dinner with the chancellor last night, and look, the president made it clear to me in a question that i gave him over the weekend in asia that the u.s. was not going to go it alone on the sectorial sanctions and that means that the person ratcheting it up is angela merkel and where is she? >> well, she is clearly the spokesperson and the leader of the european nations, and in the best positions to deal with vladimir putin. i highly respect her and her leadership, but we need to speak with one voice, the u.s., and the european naxs in getting russia's attention, and we talked about the lack of ability to have the current sanctions to move the ball. >> and does she acknowledge that the sanctions are not working? >> yes, it is clear that we have not changed putin's calculations i
they will discuss more economic sanctions on russia but at some point the real question is whether tightening the screws on a major trading partner ceases to be in the interest of the german government. >> joe, a bit of a turn. another problem, really one that's plagued the administration for quite some time now. i want to get your take on. new criticism coming at the administration for their handling on the violence in benghazi, the deadly events in benghazi. this e-mail from ben rhodes that came out, is it really a smoking gun as is being described by republicans or is this just more -- is this politicking as this issue has become a bit of a political football ahead of the midterms? >> well, it's a question of optics, kate. also a question of putting the obama administration back on defense with house republicans exploiting those newly disclosed documents that suggests the white house may have misled the public about the attack in benghazi that killed a u.s. ambassador. this all had quieted down but now sort of brought back into the limelight after the non-profit group judicial watch uncove
with the international monetary fund's christine lagarde. and $17 billion loan package. can will powers loosen russia's type grip around ukraine. >> hopefully other countries as well that will rally to help and support the ukrainian authorities restore the economic situation. >>> retrial, republican lawmakers reopen the benghazi files after a conservative watch dog group obtains a memo. why wasn't that memo included in the previous white house document dump? >> the military, the cia, the cia station chief, the state department, all of them, the facts, mr. chairman, the facts do not point to a video. that only comes from the white house. what was going on in the room, general? our people are under attack. there are people dying. what is the military doing? >> last words. 55 days after malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared families are hearing for first time what could be the final transmissions from the
control much of eastern ukraine. and if there's any doubt mr. putin wants to return russia to its cold war grandeur, take a look at what happened at red square today. 100,000 people gathered for a massive may day rally. we haven't seen anything like this since the communist soviet union dissolved. cnn's matthew chance was there. >> reporter: well, the russian authorities say this is not meant to be any kind of soviet revival, but for the first time since 1991, tens of thousands of russians are parading through red square to commemorate may day. now, officially, this has been organized by russia's unions. the people here are students. they're factory workers. they're doctors and teachers. but it comes amid a growing sense of national pride in russia, particularly in the face of international sanctions and the events in yeah crane. ukraine. >> translator: well, maybe the young generation doesn't have the same pride that existed in soviet times, but we're trying to rebuild our traditions. >> reporter: given the tensions between russia and the west at the moment, are you concerned that the cou
tensions in ukraine threatening to come to a boil. russia's calling on kiev to halt militaryistic statements after ukraine's acting president declared his country's military was put on full combat readiness. ukraine's leader making a stunning acknowledgement wednesday saying pro-russian militants have taken control of much of the eastern chunk of ukraine. >>> in virginia, federal investigators are raising to find out what caused a train to jump its track in downtown lynchburg. several cars burst into flames. thousands of gallons of crude oil were dumped into the james river. clean-up crew rsz scrambling to contain the damage. some 50,000 gallons of oil are unaccounted for. thankfully no injuries were reported, but the incident has safety experts calling for greater oversight. >>> flight departures expected to be back to normal this morning. out west after a technical glitch for several airport toss ground the airplanes. f,aa sayses there was a malfunction at a radar center north of los angeles. it afri affected los angeles, phoenix, and salt lake city. no word of what it caused th
republicans announce aid bill for sanctions against russia, giving ukraine direct aid, and anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. they insist the bill does not authorize any sort of steps toward definable military action. according to a new nbc news, "wall street journal" poll, half of americans now say the u.s. should actually become less active in world affairs. 47% of respondents said the u.s. should reduce activity in foreign affairs, versus 19% who she'd we said we should be more active. 30% say the u.s. is involved at the right amount. reversal since 9/11. 40% wanted for engagement. 14% wanted less. context for the on going fights in ukraine. up next, toronto mayor, rob ford, mayor admitted smoking crack. making new headlines and breaking news tonight. [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ she can print amazing things, right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ and i'm his mom at the dog park. the kids get trail mix, and here's what you get after a full day o
politics? >> of course they are. remember obama said prior to ris reelect to the president of russia i will have more flexibility after the election. he is telling the democrats i hear you, don't worry. obamacare, keystone pipeline and now coal admissions. the president of the united states is using his power and influence to change the outcome of an election. you can fool some of the people some of time but not enough this time. it is reflected in his poplarity. >> senator inholf is the one that brought all of these allegations. he wrote a letter and let's look at it. he says is appears in the delay in the publication may have been done to lesson the impact of the president's harmful policies on the mid-term election. he said the epa is electionering with climate rules. did you believe that to believe the case? >> yes. i actually think they are playing politics. there is a flip side, too. james inholf is the biggest climate denier in the house and congress. he makes more money, the sector that gives the most money is oil and gas. he gives $315,000 from them over the last five years. h
. the other takeaways from our poll, as a showdown with russia preoccupies washington and the president tries to juggle crisis in ukraine and the middle east, americans across party lines want americans to simply disengage from the world. a full 47% say that they want the u.s. to be less active in global affairs. this is the highest number on this question that we've ever recorded. just 19% call for more active engagement. and approval of the president's foreign policy is at his lowest level of his presidency and on russia and ukraine, just 37% approve of hough he's handling the issue, down 6 points from earlier. >> mrs. bush, would you like to see your son jeb run? >> he's by far the best qualified man but no, i really don't. i think it's a great country, there are a lot of great families and it's not just four families or whatever. there are other people out there that are very qualified and we've had enough bushes. >> well we shall polled the question. it turns out a whopping 69% of americans agree with barbara bush. most say her statement applies ekwlal to both jeb bush and hillary clinto
by russian troops massed on the border. they warned the threat of russia starting a war is, as they put it, real. russia denies accusations. >>> the mothers of around 200 nigerian schoolgirls abducted two weeks ago have been holding a protest march in the capital, abuja. they're frustrated about a lack of action from the authorities. the girls were taken from their boarding school in the northeastern state of borno by militants. some reports are they've been sold into marriage in neighboring cameroon. protests are expected after schools close later today. i asked bbc africa news editor for the latest on the whereabouts. >> yesterday the nigerian military released a statement which said they were taking seriously a lot of information that's been coming out. which basically means that they have no idea either where the girls are. we've heard that they may have crossed the border into cameroon and, as they say, sold off into marriage. we've not been able to confirm that. we've also heard they've been taken to the border with chad. it's obviously indicates the girls have been split up. the lon
of motherhood as she set out to adopt a daughter from russia. but soon thereafter, our next guest discovered her daughter, julia, suffered from rad, reactive attachment disorder. it's a condition that affects thousands of orphans all across the globe due to abeen donement and neglect, among other things. that mom now sharing her story of her family and their ups and downs in the new book "rescuing julia twice." tina joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you rescued her twice. the first time was? >> eight months old, siberian orphanage. got her on valentine's day, middle of the winters in siberia. and she was a beautiful baby. >> and you rescued her the second time when you realized something is the matters with my child and i got to figure out what it is. >> that's right. that's right. more importantly was we rescued her from herself. we rescued her from a dark place, a place where she was incapable of bonding and attaching and feeling the benefit of love. >> that's referred to as rad. >> it's a condition that is typically affiliated with children who have been neglected or abu
sanctions against russia, an investigation into corruption gets under way. the opulent home filled with suits of armor. there was a golf course on the outside. dozens of antique cars and a massive riverboat and more. >> reporter: when ukraine comes to terms with the troubled economy and asks where did all of the money go? here is part of the answer. the president's own vodka. >> today the u.s. attorney general will participate in a forum in britain to help identify, trace and recover proceeds of corruption stolen by the former ukrainian regime. an interesting exercise since the guy who used to live in that palace is now protected in russia. matthew chance joins us from washington. what are the russians saying about this? >> reporter: there's been no official reaction of course to this. you're right the ousted former president of ukraine does indeed live somewhere in the moscow region. you know what? i think many russians see this exercise, however valiant it is, as being something of double standards. yes, okay. it may be worthy to look for the stolen assets of this regime but will
fails? aaron is here. an oil giant is caught up in the sanctions against russia. it may be british. bp owns a 20% stake many the giant rosneft. now the u.s. has added this man the boss of rosneft to its sanction list saying he's in vladimir putin's inner circle. we asked what impact this could have on bp. hello. it is midday in london, 7:00 washington, 3:00 in moscow. there's been a twist? the tug of war over ukraine. russia described the unprecedented increase in u.s. and nato activity near borders. the defense minister told his u.s. counter part to tone down the rhetoric promising russia had no plans to invade ukraine. meanwhile eu followed washington and announced new sanctions targeting top political players in russia. on the ground the situation remains unchanged and unstable. nick childs has this. >> sloviansk today looking very much like a pro russian strong hold in the ukraine's unsettled east. this local resident absolutely supports the separatists here and possible recession. this man says he's for a unified ukraine and fed up with everything that's happened. the fact trade h
is adding sanctions against 15 people no connection with russia's actions with ukraine. they include vladimir putin. russia is criticizing the move as well as sanctions from the u.s. they're vowing a painful response. the u.s. targeted seven officials. >>> today vice president biden will unveil a plan to combat the epidemic of sexual assaults on college campuses. it would require colleges to survey students for a better sense of how often assaults take place and provide a checklist for schools to re-examine sexual misconduct policies. the white house is launching a new website to publish enforcement data. those are your headlines at quarter past the hour. >>> let's take a break. when we come back on "new day," a piece of puzzle revealed for flight 370. the last radio communication between the cockpit and the control tower finally played to the families. we're going to get reactions this fr them and analysis from our team of experts. >>> nba just hours from announcing possibly repercussions for the l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. can his team be taken away from him?
administration announced yet more sanctions against russia for what the white house described as russia's continued illegal intervention and provocative actions in ukraine. this is the third escalation of not war tactics, sanctions against russia over the issue of ukraine. among the seven russian officials targeted today is this guy, the man here in close quarters with president vladimir putin, a former deputy prime minister to mr. putin and he now heads up the russian state-owned oil company, the biggest oil company in the world. if president obama does ramp up sanctions even further, the most aggressive option that he's got is to take actions not just against individuals, but against the whole russian oil and gas sector, which accounts for more than half of that country's economy. so far president obama has not done that, but as of today he has targeted that guy. he has targeted the head of russia's oil company. he's targeted him personally as an individual. even while the american company exxon continues to announce yet further partnerships with that same russian company, whose chief
any receipts from master card, visa, american express from russia. we're not. charge something there, we are not going to pay it, goodbye, end of russian economy and travel to russia. he won't do it. >> what this does raises is this question about gradualism. where you -- you don't take the full set of sanctions that you you are contemplating and hit him with them all at once. >> why not. >> deter being his actions? >> hit him with your best shot. >> i think the reason is two fold, basically, bill. a lot of president obama's policies are involve russia as a cooperating partner. iran and syria come to mind. there are other examples. and the other thing is, of course, to be really effective major economic sanctions would necessarily involve the cooperation of our european allies who are much more financially intertwined and economically intertwined with russia than we. >> it's all weakness. >> i'm not disagreeing with i want to point out to the audience intellectually we understand that putin has sway in iran and we need that treaty for them to disassemble their nukes. but you are just
on russia considering the crisis in ukraine. penalties in response to what western leaders say is russia's failure to follow through on a commitment. >> the mother of a south bay boy who survived a nearly six hour flight a wheel well says she's now working to be reunited with her. this is the mother living in a somali refugee camp. she says her ex-husband took the three kids to california telling them their mother died. her son learned she was alive he snuck on to the tarmac at san jose airport and on to a plane. saying quote my son was silenced with you intelligent when with me i know concealed himself to see me she is now on a list to imgreat to america and could be here in less than a year >> authorities in connecticut say single paul simon ask his wife are not likely to be charged after an incident at their home. both arrested for disorderly conduct. sources say someone called 911 and hung up they found evidence of physical violence and injuries described as very minor. >> we love each other. we're fine. we had an argument. it's over. >> her attorney says it was no more than a one on
in the south all evening. president obama today imposed additional sanctions on russia for its actions in ukraine. ing the sanctions target members of president vladimir putin's inner circle who are now subject to usa visa ban and asset freeze. the russian government denounced the move calling it meaningless, shameful and disgusting. earlier today i asked three times the deputy national security adviser if these sanctions were aimed at putin through his associates since there's reports he has billions stashed in the companies of those associates. but i couldn't get a straight answer. i read that story in the "new york times" about estimates of vladimir putin's fortune, his personal wealth and i'm looking at sanctions in a whole new way. is it possible u.s. policy with regard to sanctioning individuals in russia are designed to go after putin personally? >> what we're doing is going after the people who are closest him to, the core of the russian economy, and really his support structure, the two individuals who are designated today, control very large companies, one industrial holding
the kuban region of russia. "the new york times" showed a picture of a man who looks like him from georgia in 2008 who was part of the russian special forces, claiming that he was that man, but it seems that he's somebody else. but he is actually from russia. >> again, about one hour after filming that report in which simon was working to uncover the official secret most zealously guarded, russia involved in eastern ukraine, this happened. >> when we got to the final checkpoint, which was literally maybe 300, 400 yards away from our hotel, a man pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket with my face on it, shined a light on my face, showed it to his friends. his face lit up and he's like i got him, i got hilm, this is hi. >> that terrifying moment was the beginning of a three-day abduction. joining me it's my great pleasure to welcome safe and found vice news reporter simon ostrovsky. it's great to meet you in person. i feel like i know you, i have this connection to you. we were very upset about your abduction so i'm so glad you're here safe and sound. >> it's good to be back in new york.
sanctions to try to get russia to play nice in ukraine. the president is going after high tech exports to russia's defense industry as well as wealthy individuals close to president vladimir putin. this comes as masked
that will ensure that this will not happen again. >> thank you. >> thank you. >>> and today, russia is responding to the new round of sanctions that president obama set forth today. >> we will give a expanded list of individuals and businesses who will be receive sanctions. >>> and there is a mayor who was shot in the back wounded today. >> and now 20 criminal charges including tax fraud against new york congressman michael grimm. and he surrendered to the fbi agent agents this morning. that is something that you should know. and looking forward to this, cedric the intentertainer is go to join us live, and talk to us about his storied entertainment career, but something that she is serious about. he wants to improve the lives of inner city program, and he wants to spread the word at "newsnatio "newsnation." you can find me and my team at @ @ tallronhall. and that was important to me. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop
it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >>> and president obama trying to rein in russia with more sanctions as accusations fly. we will come back and talk to a representative from ukraine can about how to handle this situation. >>> and the heels are off, and the glove s as are on, and tryio get back into the political ring in aiowa, but does the former veep candidate pack a punch? >>. >>> it is time for the "your business entrepreneur of the week." this man left his business to start a business to create spectacular art. his creations can be seen from las vegas to a mall in dubai. for more "your business" join us 7:30 sunday mornings. new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up. be your partners best partner. we built it for our members, but it's open for everyone. there's not one way to do something. no details too small. american express open forum. this is what membership is. this is what m
against russia. they will target specific companies and individuals. we have had some of this before. this will go a little further according to the administration. chief correspondent ed henry is in the philippines. critics are saying these sanctions don't have the teeth they think are required. tell us about the reaction. reporter: that's right. these targets, seven russian government officials, 17 russian companies that have ties to vladimir putin. so-called cronies of the russian president. a news conference here today, president obama said these sanctions do not target putin personally, necessarily, but that the goal instead is to change putin's calculus there on the ground in ukraine. but as you noted, republican critics like bob corker saying the president has been doubling here, and it may simply be too late to force putin's hand. >> what i fear is all we're doing is tweaking, folks. i am very concerned what we've seen from the administration on so many tough issues their policies are always late after the point in time we could have made a difference in the outcome. reporter
and bans. mr. obama said this is due to russia's failure to hold up the agreement on the crisis. >> we're going to move forward with an expanded list of companies affected by sanctions. they remain targeted. we will also focus on areas of high-tech defense exports to russia that we don't think are appropriate to be exporting in this kind of climate. the goal here is not to go after mr. putin personally. the goal is to change his calculus with respect to how the current actions he's engaging in in ukraine could have adverse effect on the economy over the long haul and encourage him to walk the walk and not just talk the talk when it comes to diplomatically resolving the crisis in ukraine. >> president barack obama speaking in a few hours. the pro russian mayor has been shot and seriously wounded. he was shot in the back during an attack from an unknown gunmen. he's being operated on fighting for his life. let's go to david stern in kiev for us at ukrainian capital. first of all the condition of the mayor and what's happened. what do you know? >> well as you've heard, this has happened i
to announce new sanctions in russia. a local mayor in eastern ukraine shot in the back this morning but unidentified gunmen is fighting for his life. >>> new york congressman michael grem min is in federal custody following a two-year fbi investigation into campaign contributions. >>> we always update those five things to know. be sure to go to new for the latest. >>> let's take a quick break. we'll push two big stories forward. first, the flight for flight 370, a brand new location for the search and a discouraging timeline. eight months. will this search turn out the way the first one did? we'll ask the experts and explain why the changes are happening. >>> former nba great dominique wilkins live on "new day" to talk about the racest comments attributed to the owner of the l.a. clippers? should anything happen outside the league? we'll discuss it. not chalky. temporary. 24 hour. lots of tablets. one pill. you decide. prevacid. ♪ 24 hour this is the first power plant in the country to combine solar and natural gas at the same location. during the day, we generate as mu
to this morning. president obama just announced a new round of sanctions against russia. it's an effort to punish president putin's allies and make moscow pay for meddling in ukraine. is it going to make a difference and where a europe in all this? ian brzezinski standing by to talk about this including an ongoing hostage situation. we'll get to that in just a moment. back here at home, multiple states still on high alerts with tornado watches. at least 17 people are dead in the severe outbreak. tornadoes carved a path of destruction outside little rock. the damage is just coming to light. and look at this. it's a war zone. bill kairns will have an extended report in just a few minutes of what's happening there. but first from across the globe, the leader of the free world is weighing in on a controversy involving the nba. the league is now investigating one of its owners after alleged racist remarks were leaked to the press. president obama spoke on the controversy. >> when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don't have to do anything. you just let them talk. that's what happen
in eastern ukraine. >> russia has not lifted a finger to help. in fact, there's strong evidence they have been encouraging the kinds of activities that have been taking place. >> more u.s. sanctions could come as early as tomorrow. >>> in an unprecedented ceremony, two of the most beloved hopes have entered sainthood as nearly a million catholics from around the world packed into st. peter's square in rome. john paul ii and john xxiii were men who bore witness to god's mercy. after the formal ceremony, pope francis climbed into the pope mobile, a chance for him to get closer to some of the many faithful who flocked to rome. >>> hello, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm don lemon. you're in the cnn newsroom and we'll start with a story that has really gripped the nation today. an nba owner's reported remarks have ignited around the country. donald sterling's comments were recorded by his then girlfriend and later obtained by tmz. he was telling his girlfriend to stop posting images online showing her with black athletes. this photo, this is the one, this is what tmz sports says sparke
, the potential for military conflict in russia and ukraine and how inequality became a best selling topic. >>> but first major news overnight as two posts are now saints. . >>> good morning. i'm jonathan capehart in for melissa harris-perry. we begin with a historic moment at the vatican. just a few hours ago pope francis presided over the first joint candization of two former popes. they were elevated to saint hood during a special mass in st. peter's square. half a million people gathered to watch the ceremony, and hundreds of thousands more watched on jumbo screens across rome. the two popes, now saints, are both iconic figures in the modern day roman catholic church. pope john 23rd was named the good pope for his sense of humor and common touch. he's celebrated for launching the second vatican council, a historic gathering of bishops in the 1960s that moved the church to the modern age. and during his 26 year reign, the car izicmatic conservative implemented vatican two and traveled the world, energizing a new generation of catholics. he's revered for his fight against communism in ea
, the president is dealing with the crisis in ukraine and russia. that has become a full-time job for this president. >> the timing is very interesting, because, you know, flight 370. how much of flight 370, this mystery, is hanging over this visit? what has the president said about it? >> reporter: he gave an interview to a major malaysian newspaper in which he said the u.s. is going to continue to contribute assets as part of the search for that plane and he also said -- it was interesting to hear this, don, because we haven't really heard the president talk about this -- he said going forward, perhaps it's time to start looking at the lessons learned. a bit of a acknowledgment of the intense criticism that has been leveled against this government, not only here in malaysia but internationally. it was interesting to hear the president say that. but the criticism, if there even was any in i in that comment, was very, very soft and it did not persuade the king of this country from honoring the president and the united states and what they have contributed to this effort to find th
. >>> to ukraine now. chaotic situation continues to unfold. a phone call today between russia's foreign minister and secretary of state john kerry, russia stressed that ukraine must cease military operations against pro russian separatists in the eastern part of the country and those groups have seized land and government buildings and refuse to lead. the active prime minister commented while traveling in rome. >> we ask russia to pull back its security forces, not to provoke and not to support russia in eastern and southern ukraine. we ask russia to leave us alone. >> the observers are tasked with implementing an international deal signed nine days ago in switzerland. >>> nevada rancher took on the feds but his fighting words have outraged and offended lots of people even as they have won him some spourerupporters. that is straight ahead. >>> the president could hardly have found a more troubling time to visit malaysia. we are live with the latest on his trip to asia straight ahead. huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game s
, ukrainian prime minister's strong words for russia. (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game show hosts should only host game shows? samantha, do you take kevin as your lawfully wedded husband... or would you rather have a new caaaaaar!!!! say hello to the season's hottest convertible... ohhh....and say goodbye to samantha. [ male announcer ] geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >>> it's time now to introduce you to this week's cnn hero. she is doing her part to lessen the violence in her city. here she is. >> chicken nuggets, french fries, mustard and a milkshake. my daddy ordered the same thing as me. that is my daddy. >> my son's father, he was murdered. their bond was just a bond that a lot of kids don't have with their father. >> i love my city. i have lived here all of my life. but people here are having crisis after crisis. i believe that the violence in this city and grief are directly connected. >> i feel sad that somebody h
. >>> and president obama visits a country tormented by a missing plane but russia is becoming a major distraction for the president. what the president is saying about all of it. >>> let's begin in washington. president obama is out of town on his four-country tour of asia. but the crisis in ukraine is moving very quickly. and we're learning new details about what the u.s. and other countries plan to do next. erin mcpike is at the white house even though the president is traveling. so, erin, what is the latest on the u.s. response to the situation where ukraine and russia? it continues to bubble. >> basically it's simply more sanctions. although we haven't seen a deterrent effect yet as we've been talking about today we did see a russian aircraft enter ukrainian airspace overnight. the state department is insi insisting that it's working. i want to play for you something that jen psake said yesterday. >> we are seeing an impact. we've seen even president putin admit this week that there is an impact on the russian economy from the steps we've taken. >> and the united states has been trying to con
could come against russia as early as monday. also overshadowed by those mideast peace talks that fell apart earlier this week. >> speaking of earlier this week, the president of course visiting south korea. what was his message there. >> well, he reaffirmed the united states commitment to south korea and also had more strong words, stern warning for north korea. essentially saying north korea would only become more isolated if it engaged in further incidents like the nuclear test. >> north korea's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons is a path that leads only to more isolation. it's not a sign of strength. anybody can make threats. anyone can move an army. anyone can show off a missile. that doesn't make you strong. it does not lead to security or opportunity or respect. those things don't come through force. they have to be earned. >> president obama also thanked american troops who are stationed in south korea. he spoke to them before he left the country and also offered his condolences to the families who have lost loved ones in that ferry accident in south korea. alex. >> okay, th
>>> fresh fears this morning of an imminent invasion of ukraine with allegations that russia violated the country's air space overnight. >> president obama in malaysia this morning. but his visit comes exactly 50 days after flight 370 vanished. >> the nra takes center stage in indianapolis firing back at critics and bringing out the gop's big guns. >>> and get ready to see a lot more of this. the national weather service warning a violent weekend is ahead. >>> take a nice deep breath. i'm victor blackwell. >> we do have breaking news we need to tell you about this hour. the crisis in ukraine, it is intensifying by the hour it seems. the country's prime minister accusi accusing russia of crossing air space multiple time sfwls they are ready to release a round of additional sanctions. we're live in the ukraine with the latest. >> reporter: well, as you're saying, the situation here does grow more tense by the moment. the government in kiev continues to say they are launching what they're calling their anti-terrorism operation. just an indication of how chaotic the situation is,
are hurting russia and put i hope knows it but the relationship appears to be getting more personal. president put i hope was asked if he thought president obama with save him if he were drowning. here's jonathan karl asking the question. >> president putin was asked if he were drowning would you save him and he said he thought would you save him so i'm just wondering, was he correct on that? >> i have absolutely would save mr. putin if if he were drowning. i would like to think that if anybody is throughout drowning i'm going to save them. >>reporter: president obama has not spoken to put i hope in a we can but did speak with european lead bears new round of sanctions against russia and they could come soon from what we hear. >> u.s. stock market fell sharply today dragged down by disappointsing earnings from am so that and ford and escalating tension over you escape. they slumped 10 percent after it was operating loss for second quarter continuing to invest in the business. other big tech names like facebook also fell. down the industrial average di dips 140 points on the d
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